The teas you taste come from Foxground. The tea was initially planted in 2003 by hand, in rich, volcanic soil, without pesticides or chemicals. It is hand-harvested from October to March each year. (…They said it couldn’t be grown in Foxground!…). It is blended and presented for your enjoyment at the Schoolhouse.

From the land, the leaf and the bud comes green tea, green tea with lemon, green tea with lavender, black tea and winter tea. You can taste our teas hot or iced, and in a spicy chai.

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And don’t forget our tea is not only for drinking… we make green tea ice cream and green tea panacotta, and so can you. There are other recipe ideas we can share with you.

All of our teas are hand grown and processed at La Luna, in Foxground. They are grown in a benign environment, with some shade, shelter and a temperate climate, in red volcanic soil, close by the rainforest canopy. These conditions have proved favourable, with the health and growth of the tea plants exceeding all expectations (except mine).

This tea was our first and centrepiece tea. It is more Chinese than Japanese in finish (texture and taste), but produced substantially from a Japanese plant base. We planted this tea in 2003. I first harvested in the 2008/2009 season (which extends from October to May). This tea derives from new growth leaves, treated within 1-2 hours of picking, before the enzyme-based process of oxidation and colouring (brown) of the leaves begins. It has a gold–green colour and a mellow taste, lacking the bitter palate which characterises some green teas. This is a tea which we find gives us energy, vitality and resistance to ailments. Do your immune system a favour.

This is a late harvest tea, cut and processed at the end of the growing season in late Autumn. The leaves are a darker green than the earlier growth. After harvesting the leaves we allow them to wither naturally and we heat-treat them for longer to cultivate a smoky, toasted taste. This tea has a sweeter flavour than our green tea – a treat in the afternoon.

This tea is made by blending the green tea with English lavender (the traditional culinary lavender) grown at the farm. We first made this tea in 2009. Initially we used a pure lavender flower to flavour the green tea. Later I introduced strips of dried mandarin zest, varying the proportions of the blend over time. This tea has a minty flavour with a lavender bouquet. It is a bed-time tea, drawing on the soothing and calming properties of the lavender.

We noticed a growing demand for iced teas, but those offered commercially are very sweet. We have tried to produce a less sweet tea base which, as a cordial, can be adapted by the tea drinker to individual taste. This cordial is refined from the raw green tea, reduced by high temperature to a level which is intense, flavoursome, and feisty. Dilute to your taste and enjoy this as a summer drink.

This tea also dates from 2009. We experimented with a range of herbs to find a flavour that complimented the Green Tea, and zipped it up a bit. We settled on a blend of lemon balm, lemon verbena, lemongrass and dried lemon zest, making it a fresh tea, perfect as a mid-morning pick-me-up.

We have been producing this tea since 2009. The leaves are left for some time after harvest to wither atmospherically. They are then crushed by hand and left to continue the oxidation process, before being dried. This is a light black tea style, more similar to Chinese black tea than Sri Lankan. It has a mellow flavour with woody notes. It can be enjoyed with milk, a slice of lemon, sugar or honey. We think this is an ideal tea for a High Tea.

The perfect way to turn tea into a soothing treat, we have blended our aromatic Black Tea with premium spices to create a rich, exotic Chai Syrup. Enjoy the Traditional Blend – sweetened black tea with ginger, cinnamon, star anise and nutmeg. Try the Foxground Forest blend, which combines sweetened black tea with ginger, coriander seed and rosemary. Or warm yourself up on the coldest nights with the Foxground Fireside Blend, a vivacious blend of sweetened black tea, lavender and chilli. We have a Chai Syrup to suit every mood. Mix one part syrup with 4 parts warmed or steamed milk for a spicy taste sensation.

We do tea tastings and High Teas, too…