Haloumi is a Cypriot cheese that is very popular as part of a meze plate you can enjoy in our tasting room. Or you can take home some freshly-made haloumi to grill and wow your family and friends. Serve with tomatoes, cucumbers, olive oil or dips, even grapes, red currants or watermelon.

Crescenza is modelled on an Italian cheese traditionally produced in the north east of Italy, which has similarities in climate and country to our South Coast (without the spectacular Pacific Ocean coastline). It has a fresh milky flavour and a velvety texture, and should be
eaten within one to two weeks of manufacture.
Enjoy it with a local sparkling wine

Quark is a soft, creamy, fresh cheese curd that can be enjoyed as a savoury or sweet treat, depending on what is added to it (a home-made raspberry
sauce is highly recommended!). We serve it in a variety of styles – with fresh herbs, cracked pepper and lemon zest, in a tangy baked cheesecake with rhubarb, or stirred into a seasonal soup.

Fetta is available in a traditional style – with a tangy, robust, salty flavour – or as a marinated fetta, which is creamier, and complimented by the addition of extra virgin olive oil and bay leaves.

Farmhouse cheese – soft rounds of fresh cheese with a dense, very creamy texture, similar to that of a fresh goat’s cheese. This is the kind of old-fashioned cheese that would have been made each night in the farm kitchen. Great with salad, or warmed over roast tomatoes, as part of a cheese plate or simply squashed onto warm, just-baked bread.

Gerringong Edge – a semi-firm cheese, young with creamy texture, mild cheese tangy flavour and a light dusting of white mould. Perfect with dark rye bread and our pear chutney.

Blue Stones – is a hard, often crumbly blue vein cheese with a full flavour and spicy, blue character. Delicious with our buttery oatcakes and dried figs.

Gerringong Camembert-our camembert has a lively, complex flavour with the characteristic creamy texture and white mould rind. Enjoy it with a local sparkling Chambourcin.

Piccolo Capra – Caleb and Meagan Graham are producing beautiful goat milk at Falls Creek and we use it to create fresh, tangy rounds of delicate, creamy goat cheese. Spectacular with tomatoes, figs, olives… just about anything, really.

Mountain Goat – A rustic cheese made from local goat milk. Tangy and crumbly at 4 months, this cheese has a flavour that deepens and becomes more complex as it ages up to 12 months. Try it with peppery, lemon-dressed greens, or with green apples and grapes.

Golden Goat – Caleb and Meaghan Graham’s beautiful Falls Creek goat milk is matured into a sweet, creamy cheese with a golden rind. Perfect with pears and apples, fresh figs and walnuts, roasted beets and rocket… well, just about everything really.

Mountain Cheese– is a very mature hard cheese with a full, robust flavour. Great with fresh apples and celery.

All available at the Schoolhouse: any big order, pre-order please.

We do cheese tastings, too…


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