The Schoolhouse is located at 2 Victoria Street Gerringong, opposite 2Cronin’s Hotel in Belinda Street. The Schoolhouse is a landmark in Gerringong. Some of our customers attended the Schoolhouse as pupils and now enjoy its renovated environment without fear of homework or detentions. Unused for some years, the Schoolhouse has come to life. Quiet, relaxing, with level access; it is on the way to our picture-book South Coast.

We offer a range of dining, hosting and entertainment experiences, from lunch and dinner, tapas and high teas to functions designed for you and that special occasion. Read moreWhile we are always busy,we aren’t always open and please view our Blackboard for our hours, events and regular dining.

Please try our seasonal daily menu. Vegan, vegetarian and and other choices available on 24hr booking.

Enjoy our teas and coffees with treats for $25 p.p. High teas and functions available on request.

Like Cheese and/or Tea? Teas and cheeses artisan-made from local farm products, packaged and presented at the Schoolhouse. Taste and take .. or if you have an appetite, we offer an authentic food experience…


32Green tea is very good for you..lap up the antioxidants.We grow it on our farm at Foxground, without chemicals or pesticides. Take it straight as a mild tasting, vivid coloured tea, or try it blended with lavender, or lemon verbena. We also do a fragrant and subtle black tea, and a variety of refreshing iced teas. Read more >




Cheese-you don’t have to be on the farm to eat fresh cheese. cheese-for-blurb-croppedYou are in, and in touch with, South Coast dairy country at the Schoolhouse.We make a range of fresh cheeses in our artisan workshop at the Schoolhouse to suit most tastes. Want a cheese fix? Read more >




We start with fresh local seasonal produce where we can…